Manhole Boxes

Manhole boxes are designed to offer a quicker and easier method of supporting a four-sided excavation, such as the construction of a manhole chamber, rather than using trench sheets and hydraulic manhole brace frames.

The 2.5m and 3m Light Duty Manhole Boxes are designed specifically for use with smaller excavators that have a limited lifting capacity and can be utilised in excavations up to 3 metres deep, as can the 2m Standard Manhole Box.

The Standard Manhole Boxes (with the exception of the 2m Manhole Box) are designed for use with larger excavators and can be utilised in excavations up to 5.4m deep.

Our manhole boxes come in a range of sizes and weights as shown in the table below.


Manhole Boxes

Length (M)Height (M)Length of End Return (mm)Panel Thickness (mm)Weight (KG)Clearance beneath bottom strut (mm) 

Distance between struts (mm)

Light Duty Base 2.5m2.44 




Light Duty Top 2.5m2.44154560556N/A2312
Light Duty Base 3m2.94254560110012002812
Light Duty Top 3m2.94154560614N/A2812
Standard 2m  Base2.1253060130011551870
Standard 2m Top2.1153060850N/A1870
Standard 2.5m Base2.52.5600100235015002180
Standard 2.5m Top2.51.56001001250N/A2180
Standard 3m Base32.5600100265015002680
Standard 3m Top32.56001001400N/A2680
Standard 3.5m Base3.52.5600100300015003300
Standard 3.5m Top3.52.56001002100N/A3300
Standard 4m Base42.5930100356015003760
Standard 4m Top41.59301002500N/A3760
Standard 4.7m Base4.72.5930100385015004460
Standard 4.7m Top4.71.59301002660N/A4460


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