Box Systems for hire with Pro Shore

Pro Shore have a number of different box systems for hire that can be used in many different facets of the construction industry.

Box systems are used for shallow to deep pipe laying work, and provide the necessary protection against trench collapse that is needed to work in the UK. There are an array of different sizes available, and it is important to hire the right one for the work you are carrying out. Order a box that is too large or too small and it will not provide adequate protection. It is vital to know the depths of the trenches before you hire.

For shallow pipe work, a backhoe box will provide high levels of protection, but dig deeper and you will need a standard trench box, and then further down a super trench box.  If you are carrying out work but not laying pipes, such as for manhole chambers, special manhole boxes are available to protect the four sides around the chamber. If you are laying a lot of pipes in good ground drag boxes are also available for hire, which help to speed up the process.

For all your box systems needs, Pro Shore are able to provide comprehensive hiring terms which allow you to get on with your building work. Call 0845 003 8984 or contact us here to hire today.

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