Preparing Land for Commercial and Domestic Development

Once the funding, planning permission, and architectural designs have all been approved, the next step for land development is to prime the site for construction. Whether the future of the land is for housing or for commercial use, similar rules will apply to ensure the work is done properly.

Below, Proshore have listed three brief steps that need to be taken before land is developed.

Clearance and demolition:

What ever the previous usage of the land was, in order to be developed for its next purpose there may need to be some clearance and demolition. On Greenfield land, this may include the removal of shrubs and grass. Brownfield or sites that were once occupied by a car park or warehouse may also need to be demolished. This allows a blank canvas for construction to take place.


Pardon the metaphor, but the backbone of any project is determined by its foundations. Groundwork is vital to the structure and stability of a construction site. The depth of trenches will need to be considered, as will the equipment required to maintain the stability of the trench and prevent it from caving in. plant equipment such as manhole boxes and trench boxes are useful tools used by groundworkers to allow them to assess and work on the foundations of a site.

Utilities installation:

Once the site has been excavated, the installation of utilities such as electricity, plumbing and gas supply can begin. The site may require a septic tank, or to be connected to the nearby sewage line. This should have been identified and addressed during the excavation period. Drag boxes and Culvers are often used in order to make these connections.

Hopefully, this has given an insight into how to prepare a plot of land for redevelopment. As a supplier of shoring equipment nationwide, Proshore often deliver our shoring products to a variety of construction and utility works companies. They are essential especially within the excavation part of the construction process.

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