Shoring Equipment Saves Lives

Pro Shore are committed to offering the very best shoring equipment, knowing that every time we hire out from their site in Yorkshire we could be saving someone’s life.

The construction industry can be a lethal place and shoring is one of the more dangerous components of construction projects. Unfortunately when problems happen there is often a loss of life or serious injury, but most of the time it is because incorrect equipment is used or more criminally, no shoring equipment at all. Because we offer an independent alternative in the hire of equipment across the North of England, there should be no reason to compromise on safety.

Trenches are often extremely narrow and deep which have very steep walls. Even without movement or disturbance, these walls carry a hazard, with access in and out of the space often difficult. Here at Pro Shore we can offer a solution by providing access rails which can make this process far easier. These access rails also provide safety from the ground level, preventing people falling or slipping into the hole whilst observing the area. Should a wall collapse, there is little people can do to rescue the person due to the added weight and tight spaces. Only in cases where emergency help is onsite and there is a quick response will a rescue mission prevent serious harm.

To prevent the walls from falling whilst any work is carried out, Pro Shore have a range of different sized trench boxes. These include Backhoe, Standard Trench, Manhole and Super Trench versions, which are all used for different types of trench work. They provide support to the walls and keep them compressed. This then creates a space from where engineers can safely carry out pipe work or excavations.

It is important to understand however that these boxes are appropriate for different depths. A Backhoe should be used for shallow trenches and therefore if used for more than 4m in depth, will not provide the required safety needed to work within the trench. Should you require advice, our team will be able to recommend the correct equipment for the work you wish to carry out.

Hiring from us is very simple and we offer competitive price plans over a range of different lengths. We can also deliver quickly to site should you envisage a problems, such as having to dig deeper than the demands of the equipment you already have.

Safety should never be compromised so if you require trench equipment hire please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 003 8984 or through this contact form. Our team are ready to help out with your enquiry today.

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