Shoring Safety Tips

Cave-ins are unfortunately still responsible for a surprisingly high number of deaths and injuries on a construction site. An unprotected trench can become an early grave for a lot of workers if precautions aren’t put in place. The weight and pressure caused by collapsing soil, especially soil moving at speed, cannot be overstated.  

  • Trench safety measures – as soon as a trench reaches 5’ in depth, whether you think it maybe be stable or not, it is the regulation to have a protective system installed. However, there is one exception, when the trench is dug in stable rock. Even if you think a trench is unstable at a shallower depth, this much be supported too. A trench box could be installed to give you the support needed.
  • Competent person – each excavation must have a competent person present. Their job is to perform a daily inspection of the trench and its immediate surroundings, and they must have a level of knowledge around the industry, and the ability to prompt corrective action to ensure works are safe on site. If conditions may have changed, or there has been a direct impact onto the trench, as re-inspection would be required.
  • Access – safe access is required at all excavations. At Pro Shore we have Road Plates and other shoring equipment available that can provide means of a safe exit for employees.

There are a few general rules when it comes to shoring that must be remembered, but these should already be known by all workers on site. High visibility clothing must be worn at all times when exposed to vehicular traffic and all underground utilities must be located prior to digging.

If you are involved in a construction or temporary works and groundwork is involved, you will need to source high quality shoring equipment from a reputable supplier. Pro Shore can guarantee speedy delivery on all our shoring equipment across Yorkshire, the North East and the North West of England.

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