Understanding the role of Shoring in Excavations

Types of Excavation

As we have previously mentioned, excavations are at the backbone of land developments throughout the world. Developments include construction, sewage treatment works and roadworks. Without a seamless excavation, the building or treatment work would not be able to proceed, which can cause a wide range of logistical, financial and practical problems.

Equipment used:

Within an excavation, there are a variety of different plant equipment and machinery that is used. This includes but is not exclusive to

  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Shoring equipment (trench boxes, whaler frames, culver pullers)
  • Steamrollers
  • Diggers

Each have a different part to play in an excavation but are all vital to the process.

What is the Role of Shoring Equipment in Excavations?

If you are carrying out construction or excavation work, whether it be in the roadside or in a residential housing development, shoring equipment will be required.

Shoring equipment is an integral part of an excavation. Specific equipment as mentioned above includes tools such as trench boxes. Trench boxes are a support mechanism with two metal sides that support the dug-out ground and prevent it from caving in. They are used by workers whilst foundations are poured in, treatment is being done to sewage, or other groundworks are being carried out.

The health and safety of excavation and construction workers is maintained by high quality shoring equipment.

How Can I Find Shoring Equipment for Hire or Purchase?

If you are involved in a construction or temporary works and groundwork is involved, you will need to source high quality shoring equipment from a reputable supplier. Proshore can guarantee speedy delivery on all our shoring equipment across Yorkshire, the North East and the North West of England.

Contact us by phone on 0845 003 8984 to speak with us about our shoring stock.

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