What is a Trench Roller?

Trench Rollers are articulated rollers and are used to compact fill within excavations. The device is remote controlled and features a knobbled roller for a better compaction. A trench roller is essential within the excavations industry as they need to be used to ensure that the ground is even. Uneven ground could lead to subsidence and pot holes.

The primary function of the vehicles means it is great for work undertaken on foundations, roads and pipe trenches. Due to the vibration speed of the knobbled roller, the compacting process does not take long and provides high quality, consistent results.

One of the many advantages of the system is that it is controlled by remote. It uses infra red as its sight control which provides superb levels of safety. They also have the ability to turn directly on the spot, which is great for mobility in tight areas, and prevents the need for people to put themselves in danger.

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