Worker Saved After Trench Collapse

Back in March this year, three employees of a private excavation firm based in Portland, Oregon in the United States were busy carrying out a routine line spot repair when their trench collapsed, burying one of the workers, Danny Russu, at the bottom of the 15-foot hole. Work colleague Ryan Bird, who was unhurt, estimated that at the time of the accident, they were approximately two feet from the bottom. It was Mr Bird’s quick thinking that likely saved his felled colleague’s life, when he started frantically digging Mr Russu out and shovelling the dirt away from his face so that he was able to breathe. Mr Bird said that he had ‘never seen anything like that’ before.

It took fire fighters four hours to complete the rescue, which began by building frame in the trench to shore-up and keep it secure. According to reports in the local news, an industrial-sized vacuum was utilised to help remove debris. Finally, Mr Russo was hoisted from the hole and placed into a waiting ambulance. Reports showed that the victim had no broken bones from the incident, but had sustained muscle damage in his arms and legs, as well as suffering burst blood vessels in his eyes. He eventually made a full recovery.

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